Fully managed, real time communications
sipIQ is capable of providing your business with numerous phone options, and we are also able to accommodate many additional phones to our system. The wide variety of phones sipIQ offers have been specifically selected to provide our customers with greater productivity, superb voice quality, and seamless unified communications.
Select a manufacturer below to see what handsets are right for your business.
cisco phones are advanced, affordable, and feature-rich.
digium phones are a strategic and cost effective solution.
mitel offers effective unique IP based business phones.
polycom enables dispersed workforces to communicate.
quality with robust advanced features and world appeal.
innovative phones for simple business communication.
Do you already have phones from the above providers? Click the manufacturer above to find your current handset within one of their phone families. We can also assess your current handsets during the onboarding process to find out if they will support the sipIQ platform and if they will require sipIQ assisted manual setup.
devices FAQ
Q What devices do you sell with sipIQ?
we currently offer the option of buying handsets from six different manufacturers. they include Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, Mitel, Snom and Digium.
Q How long before my phones arrive?
Your IP phones will arrive approximately 3-5 business days prior to your service cutover to sipIQ. This also depends on the shipping method in select rural areas. After order processing, procurement, and templating, we ship FedEx or USPS ground. For international branch offices, we like to send them earlier. All phones are sent pre-configured and will gather their settings from the sipIQ node at their respective location when they are connected to the network.
Q Can I use my existing IP phones with sipIQ?
Yes. sipIQ can be used with most SIP-compatible IP phones. Most will require some collaboration with your original provider AND sipIQ Manual setup assistance. Even extensive setup is often a fraction of the cost of a new handset. Be sure to contact your sales rep for more details.
Important: The support team at sipIQ will not troubleshoot or configure IP phones purchased from another vendor. The quickest way to add a handset is to contact the sipIQ sales team as we stock most handsets for just this reason. Your phone will arrive in a matter of days, preconfigured and ready for use.
Q Can I buy phones without purchasing additional service?
Clients that have seasonal employees or are in the midst of a growth phase often do. When they need to be activated, they are added to the system by way of an email request. Endpoints can also be reduced in this fashion as well.
Q Do you offer any cordless options?
Yes we do, currently sipIQ offers a few cordless phone options to provide users with in office mobility. If you require a desktop wifi phone option, we offer that as well. Contact your sales rep for more details.
Q What is an ATA?
ATA is an acronym for Analog Telephone Adapter. An ATA is often a small box with a power adapter and multiple RJ-45 and RJ-11 jacks. This device allows you to connect analog devices like fax machines, door buzzers, and analog phones to the sipIQ platform.
Q Can I use my analog fax machine with sipIQ?
Yes. You can even keep the same number. With sipIQ you have the option of keeping your legacy device and connecting it to the network with an ATA or moving to a desktop faxing option entirely. Our electronic faxing service is easy to setup and use company-wide. You will need to associate a number with either option, but don't worry, we have that too.
Q Are my calls secure with sipIQ?
Yes, all sipIQ calls are encrypted from end to end regardless of whether they are made from desktop phones, conference phones or soft phone clients. We use the same encryption protocols as large banks, Paypal, Ebay and others. Your business communications are secure!
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