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With sipIQ, you get an accurate estimate of cost, including usage, before you sign a contract. Our competitors average a 30% increase in taxes and fees after you sign a service agreement.
The sipIQ team has the experience, energy, tools, technology and passion that it takes to keep our customers connected so they can remain focused on their business. sipIQ is purpose built for the enterprise and value driven for all businesses.
How much will I save by switching over to sipIQ?

The good news is, sipIQ lowers your telecommunications costs in a very straightforward, transparent fashion.

First, sipIQ clients realize a significant savings in their monthly usage fees. For clients currently using a PRI or other legacy infrastructure the cost savings are often greater than 50%. Customers with toll free numbers and international calling patterns save even more. Most of our clients pay less for their toll free numbers than they did previously for their normal telephone lines.

Second, because sipIQ is designed to grow with you, you only pay for the number of endpoints that your business needs now. You don’t need to purchase a telephone system that will handle the number of users you will have in three years. We scale up at the speed you do. At sipIQ, you can add new users or locations with hardware in less than 72 hours.

Third, sipIQ delivers all the features you need for a single price. With sipIQ, we’ll deliver a brand new telephone system, mirrored in the cloud, that offers all of the following, without any upcharges or ‘premium’ fees:

  • Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, Forwarding and Management- all from any Web Browser
  • On Demand, One Touch Call Recording Accessed via your private Web Portal
  • Message Alerts, Missed Call Notifications, Private IM with Group Chat and Presence
  • Conferencing, Call forward, Call Park, Shared lines, Intercom, Paging, Call logs, Presence, Call groups
  • Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, Find Me, Follow Me, Music On Hold, Dial By Name Directory, Call Monitoring, Whisper / Barge, Shared Line Appearances.
The better news is, our clients save in ways that only become apparent after installation.

sipIQ clients with multiple locations save time and money because our solution functions as one system, and can be accessed or managed in one place. Remote workers, satellite offices and mobile employees are local extensions on the system.

Best of all, we manage it all for a monthly cost lower than what you are paying now for your old telephone system.

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Pricing FAQ
Q How much does sipIQ cost?
sipIQ offers simple, all-inclusive pricing with a predictable low monthly cost. With sipIQ you can have it all. When you sign up, we give you our entire feature set, there are no add-ons that need to be purchased. Your business will have everything it needs including voicemail to email, inherent disaster recovery, 24/7 network monitoring, faxing, phone, conferencing, advanced call management, auto attendant, and more.
Q Is there a free trial for sipIQ?
While there is no “free trial” with sipIQ, there is little risk in purchasing and trying it for your business. All agreements come with a 6 month break in period. If after the six month period sipIQ has not delivered the promised solution we will find you a new provider and assist in your service transfer, without additional cost to you.
Q Is there a setup fee?
The setup fee for sipIQ is less than the cost of the hardware we install onsite, and can be rolled into your monthly payment if you wish. sipIQ is truly a zero capital expenditure endeavor.
Q How many lines can I purchase?
With sipIQ, you can purchase as many lines as you need for your business, and we can help you decide how many you’ll need based on your previous usage. As you grow, additional lines can be added with a simple phone call or email request. For additional details, please contact a sipIQ rep at 877-sipIQ-89.
Q What is the cost of the devices?
See our handset choices page, pick a specific model and call us for rentals or purchase price.
Q What are my payment options?
Currently, sipIQ accepts ACH, wire transfer and credit cards for payment.
Q Why is there an e911 fee added to my usage?
On June 3, 2005, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandated that all internet phone service providers interconnected to the public switched telephone network offer e911 as a standard element of their residential and business offerings.
Q My first month’s bill is exactly what the sales partner said it would be, will this change going forward?
With sipIQ, you will never get additional service charges or use taxes like other providers. What you see is what you get!

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