Broadband Services

This Service Agreement constitutes authorization for Service Provider to act on your behalf. You agree that Service Provider is empowered to ensure that all services ordered under this Order Form are provisioned by Service Provider on a network, including but not limited to Service Provider's own network, best able to provide the specified services, or equivalent services at the highest levels of service, quality and reliability. This authorization for Service Provider to act on your behalf includes but is not limited to the ongoing management of services, and the use of underlying providers of services such as ILECs, CLECs, data service providers and billing services. In the course of providing these services Service Provider may from time to time, and at its sole discretion, replace elements of any of the services provided under this Agreement for maintenance, move services to alternative providers for reasons such as but not limited to availability, reliability and/or cost.

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change depending upon available monthly promotions, class of service and provisioning requirements. If Service Provider determines that additional work is required, Service Provider will so advise you in writing for your consideration before proceeding. If included in your order, Broadband (DSL, Cable, Fixed Wireless) is a best efforts service, so while product and speed may be quoted, no service or speed can be guaranteed until after engineering for distance from the Central Office is evaluated, and/or a site survey has been completed and the line is installed. Service Provider may be able to substitute another speed and/or Broadband product at a different price.