Global Fiber Backbone IP Network

Realtime communications made easy! No other Network gives you all the features, security, reliability, scalability, lowest latency, best quality and support than our global fiber backbone IP Network.
Our Global Fiber backbone with an always up carrier agnostic service guarantee gives you a premium voice experience replicated at your edge and in our cloud!

Full Telephony Stack Ownership

Instead of relying on aggregators and resellers, our APIs directly control our own infrastructure. With our apps like IQchat, IQphone and IQcontrol our Customers have a complete feature-rich set of tools like Chat, Softphone, Voicemail, Recordings, Greetings, Conferencing, Routing, Contact, Settings.. and more


Private network and end-to-end encryption that keeps voice and data safe

Hybrid Cloud

The cloudIQ gateway and your sipIQ cloud instance are always connected

Quality and Reliability

Traffic across our private global Fiber Backbone

Best Rates

sipIQ has all the features you need at the price point you want

IQcloud FOG Architecture

Virtual Integrated Cloud Controlled Intelligence (V.I.C.C.I) brings the Cloud to the Client Edge
V.I.C.C.I + Smart Edge Controller + IQcloud = Hardware, Site & Application Redundancy
During an ISP failure solution still fully operational
No single point of failure
26 Points of Presence

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