What is SIP Trunking ?

SIP Trunks use the internet to connect your phone calls. Most telephone companies are phasing out the old Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and moving to SIP. SIP is more cost effective, reliable and easier to customize than the technology it replaces. We take full advantage of the true Cloud potencial for telephony and a FOG architecture to deliver a redundant network without a single point of failure.

Redundant SIP trunks help ensure your services are always up and working!

SIP Trunking Solution

one We take SIP to the next level with sipIQ’s Smart Edge Controller.

two We create an encrypted private tunnel from the customer premise to the sipIQ Cloud.

three We prioritize quality and security while monitoring the entire solution from end to end.
unified communications

SIP Trunking IQcloud Network

26 Point of Presence

sip trunking map

With siplQ Secure SIP Trunking there is a TLS encrypted VPN Tunnel between the customer location and the siplQ cloud. all SIP traffic is encapsulated. There is a greater level of control and SIP traffic has it's own HOV lane to travel in.

Feature Benefit
Redundant SIP Trunk
Help ensure your services are always up and working
Share SIP Trunks
Across multiple locations to save even more
Besides Local get a Toll-Free phone numbers across the US and Canada
Smart Edge Controller
Security, Control, Monitoring & Troubleshooting
Auto Failover
Failover automatically to any available connection
Call Handling
Over 26 Points of Presence domestic and international
Allows automatic call fluctuations beyond subscribed lines
Easily add these features to any phone system
International DID's
Calls handled via our International POP’s
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