Service Level Agreement

sipIQ Prioritizes issues into three separate classifications: Priorities 1-3. The following table details response objectives for each class of service. The response objectives are provided as general guideline for service support.
Priority Type Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3
Response Time (in hours) 1 8 24-48
Priority 1 – PBX failure (hardware or software) resulting in total inability to make or receive calls or PBX issue (hardware or software) impacting greater than 50% of calls. These issues are responded to with the highest of priority.

Priority 2 – Intermittent ongoing issues. Research for individual one-time events. These are remedied during normal business hours.

Examples: Echo, dropped-call, cross talk, Phone reboot, incorrect transfer

Priority 3 – These are remedied during standard support hours. After Hours support is available as paid service. After Hours support charge is $495.00 and includes two (2) hour of support. Additional hours are billed at $200.00 per hour.

“Ex. General use questions; set up or changes to Customer set-up, voice mail, v-fax; requests and recommendations for future product enhancements or modifications; billing issues. There is no impact on the quality, performance or functionality of the Voice Carrier network.”

The guaranteed times start to run when the incident is reported to sipIQ for the first time:

- By the Client, via an email at or notification to the technical support team by hotline.

The guaranteed times only run during the applicable period.

Incident tickets opened by the Client must state:

- The name of the person opening the ticket
- His/her email address and mobile or telephone number
- The severity of the incident (impact assessment)
- The actual start date
- A precise description of the incident and any past events before the incident
- The one or more browsers and the operating system used, to demonstrate the incident
- All information required for a thorough understanding of the incident (screenshots, etc.)

Service Level Guarantee

sipIQ Services Objective is to ensure services are available to Customer 99.99% of the time, subject to the conditions and restrictions set forth below. The services calculations will not include any unavailability that Customer fails to report to Service Provider immediately upon a service outage by initiating a trouble ticket, or any unavailability resulting from:

1. Any Customer and/or third party provided hardware or software;
2. Acts or omissions of Customer;
3. Reasons of Force Majeure as defined in the services agreement.

In the event Service Provider fails to meet the Services Objective for any given month, Customers may request an Outage Credit of five percent (5%) of the applicable monthly service and maintenance fees for each calendar day in which an outage of thirty (30) minutes or more occurs. Customer’s request for Outage Credit must be received within thirty (30) calendar days of the Outage. In no event shall Service Provider be liable for Outage Credits in excess of 100% of the affected monthly service and maintenance fees or for outages caused by third party telecommunications provider related issues, internal wiring or power failure.

How to escalate an issue

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