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At our core, we do not believe a better communication solution should cost more or offer less. sipIQ is the only carrier-agnostic hybrid cloud and unified communications provider that ensures total business continuity. Our goal has always been to make business communications simple, powerful, and reliable, including your business phone system.

sipIQ employees are happy to call themselves techies, nerds, geeks, and engineers. This is our senior staff, which makes it possible to deliver our customers a simple, stress-free experience.

Robert Campozano
Since founding sipIQ, Robert has led the company in revolutionizing voice for the cloud space. Robert loves to learn, innovate, and collaborate with others. Never one to shy away from a new challenge, Robert repeatedly digs into new technology and endeavors to make them usable for the masses. Thinking outside the box is an odd concept for Robert since he has never seen the box nor acknowledged its very existence. He is always striving to apply technology for practical use and creating innovative solutions.

"After hours" projects that keep Robert’s creative engine burning include traveling, American football, and cooking on his Green Egg. While God and family are most important, the group that he most identifies with can be found at: where “paying it forward” is a way of life. Robert also believes that mental illness needs more attention at every level of our society. The work that NAMI does is very important to Robert, as he believes mental illness has been stigmatized and ignored for far too long in our society.
Mel Cabrera
Mel Cabrera began his diverse business career in the late 1980’s in the retail space. His entrepreneurial mindset quickly motivated him to dive into his first business venture in the Wholesale Automotive Industry. Always looking for a new challenge he founded Realtime Technology Group Inc. in 2005 with a focus on LED Lighting manufacturing and distribution. A long personal friendship with Robert Campozano (sipIQ, CEO) piqued Mel’s interest in telephony. That evolved into Mel’s joining the sipIQ family as a Principal. While lending his expertise in sales and marketing Mel now enjoys his newest challenge as CFO.

While faith and family are always top priority to this proud father of 7 children(yes seven), Mel is an avid car collector and enjoys growing his eclectic collection and going on road trips with his sons and close friends. Charitable organizations Mel has proudly supported include Englewood Hospital & Medical Center and the Middletown Middies to name a few. “Learn something new every day. Be better today than you were yesterday”.

Len Bailey
CMO/VP Channel Sales
Len is primarily responsible for the Sales & Marketing efforts of sipIQ, along with developing & expanding the sipIQ Channel Partner Program. Len started his career in telecommunications, working for MCI, GTE Information Systems, Ameritech and Frontier Communications from the mid 1980’s through the 1990’s. In the early 2000’s, Len co-founded Synergic Communications Group, Inc. which became the third largest Cisco Systems integration company in South Florida, focusing on building international VoIP networks. Synergic Communications also grew to be one of the larger Qwest Channel Partners. In 2005 Len co-founded RTG Lighting, Inc. which focuses on LED Lighting manufacturing and distribution.

Len enjoyed a successful tour of duty in the entertainment industry working in radio and television in the Hudson Valley, New York market. Len’s charitable efforts includes working with The American Cancer Society & The NY State Sheriffs Association. Len has previously served as co-founder of HTC (Hear The Children), a not for profit organization geared toward working with young adults, and served as a volunteer for The Key West Wildlife Rescue Foundation in Key West, Florida.

Rich Quinn
VP Engineering
Rich Quinn focuses on product development, stability, and security. His overarching goals have been to improve reliability, reduce mean time-to-repair, and improve installation consistency and overall infrastructure design.

As the oldest member of the team, Rich’s experience goes back to the onset of the microcomputer. In 1978, Rich founded Quinn Tech. The company focused on application of the then new microcomputer to business solutions. Rich continues his love of technology following "open source" software projects focused on cutting-edge, Linux-driven solutions with a heavy emphasis on networking and network-based voice and video technologies.

After hours, his passion revolves around his family of 19 adopted and 3 natural children (yes, 22) and missions to third world countries. He has made dozens of trips to Honduras and continues to do so. He was a first-responder to Haiti, working with a team of volunteer doctors and nurses, after the earthquake of 2010. While the doctors did surgeries, Rich kept the generators and water systems running.
John Yessis
Director of Solution Engineering
John Yessis is responsible for bridging the gap between the company’s sales channels and its prospective clients. His role centers on providing direction to partners and ensuring they have the necessary tools and support to be successful throughout the sales process and deployment. John is an experienced sales professional with a penchant for partner/end-user educating and training, which he occasionally does to this day. Prior to sipIQ and telecom, he spent over a decade in corporate event sales/operations. John excels at creating mutually beneficial relationships, working under extreme time constraints, educating, recruiting, and team building.

After hours (mostly before for the early bird) for John include competing in the sport of CrossFit, coaching youth football and baseball, and spending as much time as possible chasing around his three active children.

Some organizations that hit home for John include and When fall rolls around John goes from clean cut to mountain man to support these causes.
Joe Walker
Director of Operations
Joe is very much the face and voice of the sipIQ operations team. Through his years in the workforce, he has filled a variety of different roles that have given him a broad range of experience in both business and technology. He prides himself on using these skills to work towards efficiency and effectiveness in business operations with the end goal of success for sipIQ and its customers alike.

Outside the walls of sipIQ, helping others is important to him and he regularly participates in volunteer work with his family. He can also be found eating at the newest farm-to-table experience in your area, or creating the perfect meal at home with his wife. He has two beautiful children and has most recently become addicted to a local morning spin class. Walker believes not only in healthy eating, but healthy living, where respecting yourself, each other, and the world around you are vital. Check out his favorite callings here:,
Micah Quinn
Senior Software Architect
Micah Quinn applies over two decades of experience to provide quality software solutions to sipIQ's customers. Witnessing first hand the birth of the internet and the information revolution, Micah has spent most of his professional life building next generation tools for the digital frontier. His employment history includes self-started enterprises, computer manufacturers, and working with some of the biggest video game developers in the industry.

In his role as a team manager, Micah works to help software developers succeed and grow by enabling them to make decisions and innovate. Creating an atmosphere of excitement, trust, and reward is one of Micah's constant goals.

Away from his responsibilities at sipIQ, Micah enjoys a low-tech life. "Pretty much anything that gets me away from a keyboard and out of cell phone and WiFi range is good."
Joseph Lenzi
Senior Software Engineer
Joseph Lenzi, our youngest member, came to sipIQ through a unique interview process. Through a long-time friend and math professor in the Texas Junior College system, the question was asked, "Who is the best math and programming nerd that is working on a computing degree that you know?" Joseph’s name was at the top of the list. His passion and natural skills have made him the driving force behind sipIQ version 2.0 developments. Joseph is part of the latest generation of "nerds" with passion for developing new products and ideas and the added benefit of a formal education and degree in his chosen field.

After hours, he enjoys the sport of bowling with his closest friends, and also lists programming (huge surprise) as a “favorite” pastime. With Joseph at the helm, this country would do more to alleviate the global poverty problem, and make changes to lessen the wage inequality we currently see in America.
Carla Jarrett
Partner Support Manager
Carla Jarrett’s charter is to transform and deliver the customer experience with regards to appropriation and deployment of new carriers and connectivity for sipIQ clients and partners. While most providers leave you on your own to upgrade your connectivity, Carla digs deep to find the best solution available, helps navigate the legal jargon, and sees you through the turn up phase and beyond. Her knowledge of PRI, MPLS, dedicated SIP, coax, ethernet, and fiber puts clients at ease during the planning process.

When the day ends at sipIQ, Carla is often found cooking the perfect Italian meal, following her love of fashion, or planning her next adventure to a foreign country. To those deserving, she believes deeply in true justice, and teaching others how to be better than they were yesterday.

“You give a poor man a fish and you will feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.”
Noelle Walker
Commission Billing Coordinator
Noelle brings a wealth of administrative experience to her role with sipIQ, having supported business executives, corporate departments and the management of large marketing events. This background, along with her strong organizational and interpersonal skills, help her to ensure good relations with customers and partners alike when it comes to financial matters.

As a wife and mom to two beautiful children, Noelle finds joy in the simple pleasures of being with her family. Some of her favorite activities include participating in a volunteer education work, exploring nature, and baking with her children. The health and wellness of her family is very important to her and she is passionate about researching and implementing a clean, whole foods, holistic approach to all aspects of their home life. A favorite quote of Noelle’s is “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better” – Maya Angelou

In addition to spending time as a family volunteering, Noelle is happy to support organizations that help children and families. Some of her favorites are St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Make a Wish Foundation.

Carlos Arciniegas
Web Developer
Though his role is typically behind the scenes, the work Carlos does is the first seen by the public, he has more than 15 years of experience building web apps for the banking industry as well as small to medium size companies using a large variety of technologies and development frameworks. As a developer, he is responsible for creating, maintaining and permanently transforming sipIQ's dynamic web portal '' using cutting edge technology that brings an immersive experience to our customers and visitors. Carlos also is involved with marketing design, SEO optimization, UX and UI design and support to some operational processes.

As a nature lover, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends in outdoor activities like camping, hiking or just renting a cabin for a weekend. Adopting a dog is on his short term wish-list and he is most likely to choose the one that nobody else would ever want.

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